Company Profile


Despite being relatively young in the field of Metal Engineering, Pipings and Technologies, by the team it is made, has a remarkable Strength, Experience, Expertise and Professionalism that has been developed over the years to be a guarantee of the Company's reliability.

Our more than twenty-years of experience has been matured by cooperating with leading Mechanical Engineering companies and ECP forms, in which we have implemented high-complexity projects throughout the country, including:

  • Filippo Fochi S.p.A.(Bologna)
  • Peyrani S.p.A.(Torino)
  • Soimi S.p.A.(Milano),Gruppo Gallo (Napoli)
  • Soico S.p.A. - Marghera - (VE)
  • Cover Engineering SRL.(Verbania)
  • Cover Engineering S.p.A. (Verbania)
  • Palumbo S.p.A. (Napoli)
  • Tecnomec Engineering S.R.L.(BA)
  • Palumbo S.p.A. (NA)
  • I.CO.M. S.R.L. - Macchiareddu - (CA).


Our Firm focuses in the Fabrication and Assembly of Piping plants, metallic carpentry and mechanical components for Petrolchemical facilities, Iron and Steel working, Paper and Naval facilities and Pipeline assemblies (Methane Pipelines, Oil Pipelines, Gas Pipelines) and Off Shore / Side Shore Platforms.

We always strive for a very elevated policy in terms of qualified personnel, for this reason, our Company is able to solve the latest instances in the metal-mechanic field, using the most specialized staff: construction sites managers, carpentry chiefs, qualified welders, sketch pipeline makers, plumbing carpenters and high skilled mechanics.

Quality is a mandatory requirement to our Company.
For this reason, we decided to establish an Internal Quality Resource System in accordance with European and International certification models UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

We're also in possession of a VCA Certification, which makes us particularly active, for example, in the Netherlands.


We can support our high-profile personnel abroad and in Italy in the outmost quick span of time, based on specific Customer's requirements.

Our currents customers are:

  • Leoncini & C. Srl - Narni Scalo (TR)
  • Jobson Italia SRL - La Spezia
  • AXO Group Construction SRL - Ravenna
  • Delta Impianti SRL - Termoli (CB)
  • Ravagnan Spa - Limena (PD)
  • Cestaro Rossi & Co. Spa (Bari);
  • Fincimec Spa (Milano);
  • Fluid piping SRL - Casalnuovo di Napoli (NA)
  • Irem SPA - Siracusa
  • Irem Belgium Branch (Belgio)
  • Irem Netherland Branch (Olanda)
  • Mac Impianti SRL - Trontano (VB)
  • Saldimpianti Engineering SRL - Tortoli (NU)
  • Simind Costruzioni e montaggi SRL - Mozzanica (BG)
  • Tecnomec Engineering SRL - Grumo Appula (BA).
  • Belmont SRL - Mede (PV)
  • Simi Sud - Acquaviva Piena (AP)
  • LTN SRL (Napoli)
  • Four Clima SOC.COOP.ARL.NAPOLI (Napoli)
  • Graded SPA (Napoli)